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Tunge Ting.

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We make "heavy stuff" (Tunge Ting) – custom and artisan concrete products.

Coming from different branches of the concrete industry our staff has a solid base of knowledge and experience. Mixed with enthusiasm and a constant search for new ways and methods of producing and processing our chosen element we believe our products are unprecedented.

We started out as a side project in 2007. We soon discovered a big demand for production of custom concrete objects, and expanded the business under the name Tunge Ting in 2011. Tunge Ting is located in the small town of Voss in Western Norway.

We use both standard concrete and GRC/GFRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) in our production, and welcome everything from small simple elements for private customers to large projects for entrepreneurs and public spaces. A substantial portion of our production is at any given time art installations and works for artists from all over Scandinavia.

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Glassfibre reinforced concrete

We use glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC/GFRC) in parts of our production.

The material has traditionally primarily been used for building facades, but more recently more use cases has been explored, as the material has an interesting set of properties. Glassfibre reinforced concrete shares some of the main properties of normal concrete, such as strength, longevity and mouldability. But the material differs from normal concrete in its light weight, high flexural strength, high strength-to-weight ratio and scratch-resistant surface.

Glassfibre reinforced concrete can be moulded in thin shapes, which gives a big weight reduction and makes it the ideal material for objects such as furniture, worktops, desks and panelling.

GRC/GFRC also benefits the environment, because it takes less raw material and energy to make, compared to regular concrete

Normal concrete

Concrete is a well-known material for most people, consisting of cement, sand/stone, water, and rebar that is reinforcing it. By adding aggregates and pigments the properties of the concrete can be customized and adjusted.

We normally use concrete delivered from our local suppliers Nobi Voss and OH Betong. When special aggregates and custom properties are needed we produce the concrete ourselves. Most concrete objects use steel rebar reinforcement, but we also use fibre or a Norwegian-made basalt solution when this is needed or desirable.


In addition to different pigments and aggregates there are different possibilites for surface treatment with regular concrete. The most common treatment is grinding down and polishing the surface to expose the aggregates. This will often make for a more robust and sustainable surface. Other techniques include chemical retardation, sandblasting and acid treatments.

Why choose regular concrete?

Regular concrete is the natural choice for large, constructive objects, and also ideal for outdoor furniture that has to withstand tough weather conditions.

We use environmental cement from Schwenk in our concrete, as does our suppliers. When making white concrete we use locally sourced anorthosite from Gudvangen Stein.

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