Tunge Ting as

The idea behind Tunge Ting as is to be the chosen supplier of custom and artisan concrete products in Norway. Coming from different branches of the concrete industry our staff has a solid base of knowledge and experience. Mixed with enthusiasm and a constant search for new ways and methods of producing and processing our chosen element we believe our products are unprecedented.

We use both standard concrete and GRC/GFRC in our production, and welcome everything from small simple elements for private customers to large projects for entrepreneurs and public spaces. A substantial portion of our production is at any given time art installations and works for artists from all over Scandinavia.

Tunge Ting AS
Dalsmoen 11
N-5709 Voss

Phone: (0047) 922 41 969

Vossapeikar. 18 tonn concrete monument of the official Voss logo. Designsed by Øyvind Lauritzen.

What can we do for you?

Please don`t hesitate to to contact us if you have a project you think may be suitable for our products. We will reply swiftly.

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