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Tunge ting

We make "heavy stuff" – custom and artisan concrete products.

We use both standard concrete and glassfibre reinforced concrete in our production, and welcome everything from small simple elements for private customers to large projects for entrepreneurs and public spaces.

A substantial portion of our production is at any given time art installations and works for artists from all over Scandinavia.

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Our projects



KA13 Amfi


Ostasteidn rest area


Hardanger Skyspace


Unesco World Heritage Sites

2022 - 2024

Some of our clients:

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Our expertise

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Glassfibre reinforced concrete

We use glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC/GFRC) in our production, in addition to standard concrete. This light and flexible kind of concrete is also good for the environment, as less raw material and energy is used in its fabrication, compared to normal concrete.

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Normal concrete

We normally use concrete delivered from our local suppliers Nobi Voss and OH Betong. When special aggregates and custom properties are needed we produce the concrete ourselves.

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Public spaces

A large part of our production consists of functional and decorative objects for public spaces. We have a lot of experience with outdoor furniture, art installations and general purpose concrete objects.

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We can help you with design, drawing and planning, in addition to production and fabrication.

Unesco World Heritage Sites

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