Standard selection of street furniture

Standard selection

Not everyone needs or desires bespoke items. We have therefore chosen to establish our own portfolio with standard street furniture based on our own design.

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Modell I

Modell II

Modell III - benk

Modell III - Benk kort

Modell III - Bord

Modell III - Benk med treavdekning

Modell IV - Benk med trerygg

Modell IV - Benk

Model IV - Liten Plantekasse

Model IV - Stor plantekasse

Modell IV - Bord

Modell V

Model VI - Benk

Modell VI - Bord

Modell VII Benk

Modell VII Bord

Modell VIII - Blomsterurne

Modell IX

Modell XI

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